Rotate video on iPhone and iPod tocuh with these quick tips I’m about revealing to you. I know that most of you might be finding it difficult to rotate videos with iPhone, maybe you’ve made a video record with your iPhone or iPod touch device, only for you to discover that when you’re playing the video, it displays in a wrong orientation… frustrating isn’t it?

If you’ve found yourself in such scenario, you don’t need to be frustrated or start all over again, when you can easily render a proper orientation for the video, even without the help of a computer. You can simply render the proper display orientation for the video on your iPhone or iPod touch device.
There are so many paid and free apps to execute this task… I’ll only be recommending the best for you to use, and it’s the best free ones I’ll be revealing to you, so you don’t need to pay any dime just to execute little task. Hey, less I forget, check out the lovely specifications of iPhone SE.

Best Applications to rotate videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

1.       Video Rotate Free

The Video rotate free app is a free iPhone package that solves problem with iPad or iPhone detecting wrong orientations for your videos. With the help of this app, incorrect display of video orientation is corrected.
The application is compatible with video formats which include MPEG-4; .MOV, .MP4 format files and you can rotate camera videos or simply import videos from your album to rotate. The app also rovides fast mode rotation which takes only 5secs to correct video orientation and after rotating video, you save and them manually delete the old videos from your iPhone as this can’t be done automatically because of security restrictions on iOS.

2.       Video Swivel

Maybe you’re having a video upside down, incorrect sideways or any form of incorrect orientation on display, then video swivel can help correct that. Video swivel is another amazing app that helps rotate videos on iphone.
With the help of this app, you get to fix incorrect orientations on videos and it also lets you zoom, crop and mix videos. It’s just more than a video rotating app for iPhone, it comes with so many other features that you can find handy on your iPhone.
The Video swivel app also lets user share finished projects on social networks… so once you’re done fixing incorrect orientation of videos on your iPhone, you can always share them with friends on social networks.


3.       Montaj

Montaj is an app focused on video and photo editing. I decided to fall the app on my list because it also comes with video rotating features. If you’re not familiar with the application, I advise you download it to get started with photo editing and video rotation.

4.       Cut Cut

This is known to be a full featured video editor application. With the help of this app, movie creation becomes easy. The application as a full featured video editor also supports the video rotate features. So, if you want to rotate videos on iPhone, I advise you also get used to the app.
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That’s all on how to rotate iPhone videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. If after downloading any of these apps highlighted above, and you find it difficult using any of them, please do let me know via comment section, and I won’t hesitate to guide you through the process.