Everyone wishes to run dual whatsapp on the same android device due to multiple whatsapp accounts created. I myself don’t like swapping devices or sims, changing numbers and all that, just because I want to reach people on both whatsapp contacts, so I prefer to run multiple whatsapp accounts on same device without much stress and multitasking becomes easier.

There are various methods you can use to run multiple whatsapp or dual whatsapp on same android device, and this can be accomplished with the help of some useful apps. Don’t worry, I’ll be explaining and highlighting each of those apps, and also their working principles.
The dual whatsapp app trick is one of the top whatsapp tricks… soon; I’ll be unleashing some other cool whatsapp tricks. For now, let’s focus on how to run dual whatsapp on same android phone using either GBWhatsapp or Whatsmapp.

Features of the dual Whatsapp trick (2 Whatsapp in 1 Phone)

  • This trick doesn’t require root access, so you don’t have to root your device to use this trick, but if your device is already rooted, it will still work fine.
  • You’ll rarely encounter any error after setting up the trick… works perfectly like a charm
  • The apps we’ll be using for the dual whatsapp has great material designed and calling features is preactivated.
  • You can hide last seen on the app we’ll be using for dual whatsapp just like the whatsapp plus.
  • Once you’ve activated the dual whatsapp on your android device, you can hide features like, second tick, blue tick and typing for chats. However, with this, you get to snub whosoever you want, and get them to know that you’ve not received their messages while you’ve.
  • You can any of the apps to share huge files and there are custom icons on the app.
  • Using any of the apps, you won’t face ban issues like the whatsapp plus.
  • Calling features is also enabled on the dual whatsapp apps.
  • Latest mods…. Bug fixes and many more.
Now that you know the features of this dual whatsapp trick am about revealing, let me quickly explain the 3 apps that lets you run dual whatsapp on your android device… after highlighting the 2 of them, then you can choose to select any of them. I’ll also walk you through the process on how to use them.

How to Run 2(dual) Whatsapp on same Android Phone using GBWhatsapp

What is GBWhatsapp? This is a whatsapp messaging app that lets user creates multiple whatsapp accounts in single device. You can also use the app to make calls and do every other thing you can use the default whatsapp to do. The app has been available for some while, and lots of users are really enjoying its features. Main reason you should use the GBWhatsapp is that, there is no additional fee levied on the app, and it makes use of mobile network or Wi-Fi to make calls and send messages.

Main features of GBWhatsapp

  • Unlike the default whatsapp, there are options to change colors, size and other visual MODS on the GBWhstapp.
  • In the normal whatsapp messenger, you’re limited to 16MB file upload, but the GBWhstapp lets you upload up to 30MB file size.
  • The image quality of images sent is better using the GBWhatspp compared to that of the normal whatsapp messenger.
  • You can easily share any music file on just one click.
  • Contact profile pictures can be added to chats just as it’s done on Facebook.
  • You can choose to hide contact profile picture and use phonebook profile instead
  • Unlimited messages, videos and images and be sent to created group
  • You can choose to change theme of app, as there are various in-built themes that comes with the application.

How to use GBWhatsapp to Run Dual Whatsapp on same Android Phone?

1.       Download the GBWhatapp application from here.
2.       After that, you enter the secondary number (2nd acct) you want to use, and follow normal whatsapp verification process.
3.       Once you’re verified, you’re good to go.
4.       Now you got dual whatsapp… the default one, and the GBWhstapp… you can then enjoy all features of the GBWhatsapp on the second account. You don’t even need a dual SIM device, as long as the number is verified, contacts will be synchronized.

How to use Whatsmapp Solo to Run Dual Whatsapp on Same Android Phone

I don’t need to explain much on using whatsmapp solo, as it’s an alternative app to use while running multiple whatsapp accounts with different phone numbers. The app doesn’t require root access, and it comes with similar features found on the GBWhtsapp, that’s the reason it’s more like an alternative.
What I like on the Whatsmapp solo is the UI design; it comes with the latest android operating system UI which always gets updated whenever there is a newer android version. The user-interface is top-notched with an experience that can WOW u.
To use the app, simply download here, and follow same procedure as explained for the GBWhatsapp to install and get started.
Feel free to drop your comments… questions are also welcomed.