For anyone who is an avid fan of movies, TV series and documentaries, Torrents are a lifesaver. You can find almost anything your desire from the Torrent download sites easily and free of cost. Apart from widespread availability and ease of access, Torrents have come to be known as the best source of digital content for the masses.

Before we move on to the list of the best torrent sites, let’s brush up our knowledge on Torrents. If you’re unaware of their existence (which would be quite surprising), here are what you need to know about Torrents.

What are Torrents?

Torrents are files with the .torrents extensions. Torrents are a part of the Bittorrent networking, which is a popular form of modern peer-to-peer file sharing system. In 2001, a Python-language programmer, Bram Cohen created the Torrent technology and shared it with the world. Thanks to that monumental step, ever since 2006, Torrents are the primary means of trading software, music, movies, games and ebooks among users. MPAA, RIAA, and other copyright authorities frown upon torrents. However, millions of students and entertainment lovers around the planet are benefited greatly thanks to the service of the Torrent sharing sites.

Bittorrents is a protocol that downloads large file sizes in small portions simultaneously from multiple servers. Thanks to the Bittorrent protocol, the users don’t have to worry about bandwidth during downloading. The structure of the protocol also supports download resume. If you pause the download of a torrent file, you can resume downloading from the same point later. Some torrent providers also lets users enjoy this feature when they stop downloads, while in other cases, you have to begin downloading from the beginning.

How Does It Work?

Unlike HTTP or HTTPS, the Bittorrent protocol requires a torrent client to download the client. There are no primary servers in this system. The Bittorrent protocol employs multiple interlinked servers, called peers. No server is required to control them during the downloads. The primary foundation of the Bittorrent network is to provide large but fast downloads for users by sharing computers. The network operates in a give-and-take basis. The users become a part of the process when they are downloading. While a download is commencing in a computer, the file is being uploaded in another computer for another client who is searching for the same file. Even after the download is complete, if the torrent client is kept open and the torrent isn’t deleted, other users can download it from the computer. This process is called seeding. Once the download starts, one can see the download information about the location of file, the main link, encryption method used and other similar information.
Even after your download is complete, if you keep the torrent client open and do not remove the torrent from your torrent client, it continues uploading (seeding) the download so that others can download it from your computer (without knowing its IP address and location).

The Best Torrenting Sites of 2017

Some of the best torrenting sites of 2017 are detailed below. Check to see if your favorite site is listed below.

1. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is considered as one of the main piracy icons. Last year, it was offline at the start of the year, due to a staff revolt. However, it made a quick comeback successfully operating from a plethora of domain names and gained millions of users. Ranked 287th in the eBizMBA Rankings, the site has an estimated 50,000,000 unique monthly visitors every month. The site is ranked 231st in Compete Rankings, 538th in Quantcast Rankings and 93rd in the Alexa Rankings.

2. KickassTorrents:

Founded in 2009, KickassTorrents closely matched The Pirate Bay in terms of web traffic last year. It has battled its way through several censorship efforts, and had to deal with several domain name changes over the years. Recently, it had to switch to a Costa Rican (.cr) domain after it lost its Somaian (.so) address. Currently it has 30,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. Its eBizMBA Rank is 312, Compete Rank is 428, and the Quantcast Rank is 420. It is also ranked 87th in the Alexa Rankings.

3. Torrentz:

For many years, Torrentz has been a frontrunner among the Bittorrent meta-search engines. However, it doesn’t host any magnet links or torrent files. It does redirect visitors to other websites on the web. The Torrentz site uses many domain names. Among them (.eu) is the most popular one. The site has an estimated 15,000,000 unique monthly visitors. The huge amount of traffic propelled it to the 634th place in the eBizMBA rankings. Its corresponding Compete ranking is 1340, Quantcast ranking is 400th. The site also has a decent Alexa ranking, coming in at 163rd.

4. ExtraTorrent:

ExtraTorrent continues its impressive run, gaining more traffic and has slowly developed into one of the most active torrent sharing communities. It is widely considered as the homebase of the crowd-popular ETTV and ETRG release groups. The site has an eBizMBA rank of 1596, Compete rank of  2575 and Quantcast rank of 1900. It has secured the 314th place in the Alexa rankings.

5. YifyTorrents:

YifyTorrents kept up with the competition quite well. It attracts an estimated 3,000,000 unique monthly visitors. It offers excellent Yify movies in DVD, 720p, 1080p and 3D quality. All the movies are available at the smallest file size. Its eBizMBA rank is 3707 and Compete rank is 5872. It has also captured the 1542nd place in the Alexa rankings.

6. BitSnoop:

With 20.3 million valid torrents, BitSnoop is a popular torrent sharing site. Some of the key features of this website is combined torrents from numerous websites and groups, automatic verification, and lightning-fast search. It hosts files ranging from TV series, movies, music, PC, Playstation, Xbox and Wii games among others. The site is ranked 4089th in eBizMBA, 6376th in the Compete rankings and 3500th in the Quantcast rankings. It also captured the 2390th rank in the Alexa rankings.

7. IsoHunt:

IsoHunt secured the 4817th rank in the eBizMBA rankings. It attracts 2,650,000 estimated unique monthly visitors per month. It also captured the 5565th Compete ranking place. Alexa rankings show that IsoHunt is sitting at the 2089th place.

8. SumoTorrent:

SumoTorrent lets its users to stream high-quality videos and download them with super-fast speeds. It boasts a fast search engine for music, movies, games. Ranked 5000th in the eBizMBA rankings, 6000th in the Compete rankings, and 4000th in the Quantcast rankings, the site attracts 2,500,000 estimated unique monthly visitors.

9. Torrentdownloads:

TorrentDownloads has been a solid option for torrent users for severa years. After being featured in the top 10 list for the last time in 2011, it has successfully taken up its spot this year. Providing millions of users with fast and high-quality torrent every month, TorrentDownloads have 293 778 daily pageviews and 2,000,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. The site is ranked 6,150th in eBizMBA rankings, 7,376 in Compete Rankings, and 6,000th in Quantcast Rankings. It also ranked 5,073rd in Alexa Rankings.

10. EZTV.AG:

The popular TV-torrent distributors, EZTV was shut down earlier in the year as part of a hostile takeover. The new ownership continued to operate the site and released its own torrents. However, in solidarity with the old owners, many large torrent sites have banned the new releases from their websites. Despite the turmoil, the site has attracted 900,000 estimated unique monthly visitors. It ranks at 6385 in eBizMBA, at 11724 in Compete rankings, and is 1046th in the Alexa rankings.


RARBG is a relative newcomer among the usual torrent tracker heavyweights. This Bulgarian tracker made its mark last year, and continues to attract 1,750,000 estimated unique monthly visitors each month. It is ranked 6,565 in eBizMBA Ranking, 14,387 in Compete Ranking, 3,500 in Quantcast Ranking and 1,809 in Alexa Ranking.

12. 1337x:

Traditionally deemed as a community-driven torrent site, 1337x recently saw a mass exodus of admins and moderators over security concerns. It ranks 6,913rd in eBizMBA Ranking, 11,892nd in Compete Ranking, and 1,934th in Alexa Ranking. With an estimated 1,600,000 unique monthly visitors, it will be interesting to see if the site can hold its rank.

13. Torrent Hound:

Torrent Hound is a common name but only recently made its debut among the top torrent sites. It has also attracted the attention of copyright holders this year. Several countries have blocked this site, while some have reported this site as a piracy haven to the U.S. government. Torrenthound ranks 7,359th in eBizMBA Ranking, 8,742nd in Compete ranking, 10,000th in Quantcast Ranking and 3,334th in Alexa Ranking. There are 1,500,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors to this site.

14. Demonoid:

Demonoid is one of the top torrent sites for people who like to interact with others with similar interest to them. Moreover, users can discuss with other users before downloading any torrent content and verify if it is virus-free. Using Demonoid is a bit time consuming task but its high quality torrents make up for it. It has 1,300,000 Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors. It is ranked 8,526th in eBizMBA Ranking and 8,526th in Alexa Ranking.

15. Fenopy:

Fenopy is ranked 14,025th in eBizMBA Ranking, 23,171st in Compete Ranking, 6,100th in Quantcast Ranking and 12,805th in Alexa Ranking. The number of Estimated Unique Monthly Visitors is 1,250,000.

16. TorrentReactor:

If you’re searching for a torrent site with a rich user interface, huge file database and less number of annoying ads, TorrentReactor should be your prime choice. Torrents on this site are very active. Users can also check the health of a torrent file from the accompanying health meter. It has 150 655 daily visitors, 293 778 daily pageviews and is ranked 4862nd in Alexa rankings.


Lime torrent is another renowned torrent site. It became popular recently. It boasts a huge database, which contains your desired torrent files. Any torrent files can be downloaded from this site either using the torrent clients or magnetic URLs. You can also download many ebooks using this torrent site. It is one of the top torrent sites for books.


Mini Nova is another best torrent site worth checking out. If you are looking to download the latest Hollywood movies for free, this site is a great option. Conversely, you can use this torrent site for android mobile downloads like Android games or apps too. Users can also help the site to grow its database by sharing torrent files. If you aren’t satisfied with the other names on this list, give this a try.


TorrentBox is a best torrent site, which has modern and well-polished user interface. You can search for your favorite files from Search Box and get swift results.


SeedPeer is one of the best torrenting sites for verified content. SeedPeer provides Torrent search options, lets you browse categories and view statistics. You can also upload torrent. SeedPeer is available in English, Chinese, Russian and other languages.


Torrent Funk is one of the best torrenting sites for verified torrents. Alexa Rank of Torrent Funk is 4192. Users will love this torrent site after trying it once. However, the site is cluttered with adverts. Apart from that, it satisfies all demands.


Tor Lock is one of the top torrent sites free from fake torrents. Many sites publish harmful fake torrents containing spyware or Trojan virus in our pc. So, if you are looking to download safe torrent files, then you must give TorLock a try. Before downloading any torrent, reading user reviews can save you a lot of trouble. 

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The above list was combined by taking in account the torrent site’s rankings in some of the top rankings like Alexa, Quantcast, Compete and eBizMBA. Therefore, we are confident of the authenticity and quality of these websites. We understand that personal preferences and intentions plays a great part in what qualifies a site to be a best torrent site in the eyes of the user. However, most of the sites listed here can satisfy your requirements for being best torrenting sites of 2017.