Lately, I’ve been trying some Google gravity tricks with some anti Google gravity codes and it’s been fun. I also stumbled upon some other latest Google gravity tricks with some interesting facts behind those tricks. If you’ve not been utilizing or getting yourself busy with some cool Google gravity trick, I advise you try them out.

Most of you might not understand what Google gravity tricks is all about and how it works, but don’t worry, I promise you that you’ll get full knowledge of Google gravity tricks at the end today’s guide. So, I advise you stay tuned, as I walk you through the process.

What is Google Gravity & Anti Google Gravity?

Google Gravity tricks are useful tricks and gravity like puzzles that turns the Google search engine into another thing entirely. This tricks can pull search engine results like gravity pull, and would make these results acts I somewhat most people won’t understand except those who’re damn smart. Don’t worry; even a dummy will understand the trick at the end of this guide.

This trick is a re-programmed javascript-based search engine trick that was programmed by Google in 2009 and it’s been useful to most individuals. I know that when I’m through detailing you guys about this trick, you’ll find fun using them.

Normally, you get to check Google gravity on Google preference, and then navigate on search section and also use “I’m feeling lucky” to get started. Anyways, if you don’t understand that section, I’ll detail you on most useful Google gravity tricks.

1.       Anti Google Gravity trick

When you talk of Google gravity, you should know that it means when Google objects are responding to Gravity pull. So when it becomes anti Google gravity, then you should know that Google objects acts to anti gravity pull. In other words, when you click on the floating Google objects, it moves different corner from the normal gravity pull. Click here to get started with anti gravity trick.

2.       Zero Gravity Google

Google zero gravity is almost similar to anti Google gravity, but in this case, the objects won’t fall straight like anti Google gravity. What happens here is that the objects floats on a different corner and then begins to fall. Falls more like as if objects is on space where there is no gravity. Please don’t confuse zero gravity Google with anti Google gravity because they’re two different concepts.  I know of most people that mis-explain the concept behind anti gravity Google. In other words, anti Google gravity is more like a reverse in Google gravity, instead of responding to gravity pull, reverse is the case but on zero Google gravity, there’s no gravity pull. Objects just float and fall slowly. Click here for zero gravity Google trick.

3.       Google Guitar

This is one of my favorite Google tricks. This tricks let me play the Guitar on Google search engine. I’ve tried this tricks a lot and I know of some tunes I do use it to play like the happy birthday tune and some other popular tunes. So using the Google Guitar can be focused on anti google gravity tricks and the funfair is quite amazing. You know of harry potter gump or the twinkle twinkle, try it out with the Google Guitar and you’ll get lot of happiness trying them. Click here to get started with Google guitar.

4.       Google Gravity Underwater

This is yet another cool Google Gravity trick, but this time it’s done underwater and not an empty space. So you should expect a different gravity from underwater compared to the normal gravity on space. So here’s it, once you try it out, you notice Google objects floating under and on water. This is quite an amazing trick and you’ll definitely like the display. Floating objects on water, contents turn upside down and inverted sometimes. Experience is cool and result is great. Click here to get started with Google gravity underwater.

5.       Google Space Gravity

Google space gravity is what describes the true zero Google gravity. This trick shows the full concept behind zero Google gravity although not exactly like it. With this trick, Google objects don’t respond to gravity pull, what happens is the objects just keep floating on space. I’ve used this trick several times, and I must confess it’s amazing. So, click here to get started with Google gravity tricks. The trick is in fact close to the best Google gravity trick that floats object in upside down manner.

6.       Google Sphere trick

This Google gravity trick is more like a sphere revolving round the space. Although, no gravity pulls to the main ground, but there is a little pull. You get to hover the mouse cursor to any link and watch as the links form a moving sphere on the air being controlled by gravity. What you’ll discover in this gravity trick is circulating contents. You can also give it a try, simply click here.

7.       Do A Barrel Roll

This is another cool Google gravity trick. Not really gravity stuff but we can still categorize it under Google gravity trick. This trick brings you a barrel roll of any search input. What it does is, roll like a barrel whenever you try to make a search. The experience is quite amazing and it looks cool. Check here to do a barrel roll.

8.       Google Tilt

From the word “tilt”, you should understand that Google tilt shows the result in a tilt form. More like a diverted dimension or a falling result which is on stead. This trick is a very popular Google gravity trick and it’s been used by most of us. Check in here for Google tilt.

9.       Zerg Rush

This is a very popular Google gravity trick. What this trick does is that, it chops up your search result and the circle which chops the search result then joins and forms a double “G” which abbreviates Google “GG”. This is a lovely trick and it’s worth trying. Check here for the Zerg rush trick.

10.   Google Gravity Mirror

The Google gravity mirror is a Google trick that shows result in an inverted form or let me say mirror like. It gives you a display of what the result would be like on a mirror. This is one of the coolest Google Gravity tricks that you can use to surprise a friend. Check here to try out the Google Gravity mirror.

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There are some other lovely Google Gravity tricks. I’ll keep you guys updated with any latest, for now, enjoy these ones and keep in touch with us for other Google Gravity tricks.