The Err_Connection_Refused error found in Google chrome is one of the commonest issue Google chrome users face when trying to access a webpage. It’s so annoying that the only way to bypass the error is either by reloading the page, restarting the browser or even rebooting the system.

There are few factors that can lead to this error, and these factors includes, blockage of network through adware or security programs, improper installation of chrome browser, blockage of chrome browser by firewalls, virus or malware infection, bad entries on registry which can also lead to registry error or net intelligence.
We’ve tested some troubleshooting methods, and we were able to come out with some solutions on how to fix the “Err_Connection_Refused” error on Google chrome. As for those of you using the net intelligence, I advise you uninstalled it, because it blocks most websites which equally leads to the Err_Connection_Refused error.

How to Fix the Err_Connection_Refused in Google Chrome?

1.       Clear History, cookies and cache

This method works like a charm… the error might be due to some old cookies and due to changes on webpage; you’ll need to clear those cookies to revive the Google chrome browser. To clear cache, history and cookies on chrome browser, simply click on the top-nav drop-down icon that is located at the right hand side of your browser, and then select “history” as seen in the images below.

Getting to history, make sure that you’ve ticked on the “Browsing history”, “Download History”, “cookies and other sites plugin data”, “cached images and files” boxes and then click on Clear browsing data as seen in the image below, and that’s it.

2.       Check-in for Proxy settings and reset

Most internet users do change their proxy settings, and this is also a factor that can lead to the Err_Connection_Refused error. However, resetting the proxy settings on chrome browser is very simply. All you’ve to do is, go to same drop-down, and select “Settings” this time. Getting to settings, scroll down and click on “show advanced settings”. Under advanced settings, you should find the “change proxy settings” as seen in the image below.

Now, you’ll get a pop-up getting to internet settings, and you’ll see “Lan settings”, click on it and make sure you settings is automated, also make sure that the proxy box is unchecked as seen in the images below.
That’s it on proxy settings… error still insist, you try the next method.

3.       Clean-up your Registry

In my future update, I’ll brief you guys on the best registry cleaner for your windows pc; for now I advise you make use of ccleaner.
First-off, download the free version of Ccleaner here, and install on your windows computer. After that, launch the program, click on Registry tab and then scan for issues. Once the program has scanned for issues, click on fix scanned issues. The images below can also walk you through the process.

After that, restart your computer… error still insists, then try the next procedure.

4.       Enable chrome browser on firewall

Sometimes, windows firewall do block chrome browser and once it’s blocked, the Err_Connection_Refused error occurs. The only way to avoid that is by allowing chrome browser on firewall.
To enable chrome browser on firewall go to the windows start-menu and search for “firewall” and click on “windows firewall” >> “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” >> “change settings” and select chrome browser. If chrome browser isn’t available on the list, simply click on “allow another app” below and select chrome browser, and tick the box to allow. The images below can walk you through the process.

Once you’ve allowed it, enter your chrome browser and check-in for the error. If the error insists, then the procedure below might probably work fine.

5.       Try to disable Antivirus

Just like I said earlier, the problem might be from the webpage. Maybe a malware or malicious file or content was detected on the webpage and the Antivirus program is trying to restrict you from visiting that webpage in other to avoid damages on your windows computer.

Anyways, the Antivirus might also be blocking a secured page, because it does happen sometimes… a minor bug that is common on most Antivirus software. Therefore, the only thing you can do at this time is to disable the real time protection of your Antivirus.
Once it’s disabled, try accessing the webpage showing Err_Connection_Refused and you’ll find out its fixed.
Bonus tips:
The bonus tips pretty works fine if the above methods don’t. All you need to is flush the DNS cache using command prompt. Using search, input cmd to enter command prompt, then input the below commands. Hit enter for each commands entered.


The three commands will flush, release and renew the DNS cache of your system. Now you can restart your windows computer, go to your chrome browser and you’ll never experience the Err_Connection_Refused issue again.
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