That moment you remember you do not have your USB cable on you and you are miles away and you need to collect an important file from a friend’s PC. Not to worry there is a way you can easily do that with ease.

This effective way of transferring anything between your Android device and any Pc does not require Internet data charges but it requires a WiFi connection plus the The transferring speed is up to 20Mb/s.

How you can do this :

1. Navigate to Google Play Store, download and install Software Data Cable. Open the app, choose “SYNC PC” and Tap on “Start Service”
2. A new window will pop-up, tap on “Create Network” and an hotspot service will be created on your Android device.
3. Write down the “Network SSID” and “Password”. Tap on Dismiss and search for the “Network SSID” in your Pc network and connect with the previously given password.
4. An ftp address should be showing on your Android, navigate to “My Computer” on your Pc and enter the ftp address displaying on your phone to the address. If you have follow the procedure correctly, you should see two folders msn and Storage. Then you can start transferring between your PC and Android devices.