Listening to the pitch, harmony, melody and other common elements of Music is what gives us hope and joy in mind. Most people do believe that music is a well-structured sound that can heal the mind and develop the brain. I once believed that, seems like I still do, because someone with a broken heart can mend it little with a recommended music melody.

The power of music is even proven in the bible… if you can recall when David would pick up his lyre and play for Saul to be relieved whenever the harmful spirit of God came upon him. That’s the more reason I see music as a healer. Anyways, that depends on the melody or structural form of the element coming to form up the music.

Outside what I’ve just illustrated above, they’re other benefits listening to music… concentration development, energizing ability, exploration of new things, memory bring-back, motivation, inspiration, mood changes, intellectual opportunities and increase in productivity to mention a few of them.
Today on Bosstechy, I’ll highlight the 5 Best MP3 Music downloader for Android, and other Highlights for the 5 best MP3 Music Downloader for iPhone & iPad which sums up to 10. So, I advise you take your time and go through the highlights, so you can get your best picks. Most of these downloader are used for free… no charges.


NB: Please don’t confuse music player apps with MP3 music downloader applications, as music downloader app is more like a download manager. If you’ve made search on music player apps and you stumbled on this content, I advise you go through our post on the best music player apps for smartphones.

The 5 Best MP3 Music Downloader for Android

  1. Tunee Music

Tunee music is a free music downloader application for android. It’s been available since 2011 till date. I’ve read lot of good review about the app. With this app, you get to search any MP3 music, download gigabytes of music from free public domains. The app gives you nothing other than high quality music tracks. I advise you try the app.

2. MP3 Music Free Download

This application lets you download unlimited “Legal MP3 Songs”. The app comes with most popular music available in the Internet. All you need to do is to open the websites from which you wish to download music from and hit the download button. The app also features preview for each music you wish to download, you get to download songs without limits, it comes with touch gesture, powerful equalizer, Facebook/Twitter integration and many other features. This is one of my best music downloader to be honest with you.

3. Simple MP3 Downloader

Another recommended MP3 music downloader application for android users. This app lets user download tons of MP3 music, and with the integration of their search option, you get to search music either by title or artiste. One part of this app I so much love is the auto-completion, which makes sure that you get complete suggestion for any search you’re about to make. Download tab is also available along with music player features.

4. GTunes MP3 Music Downloader

To be honest with you, I’ve not used this application personally. But from my research, it’s said to be the extended version of simple music downloader. So if the simple mp3 downloader that I just testified above is cool, then the GTunes MP3 Music downloader should be better. According to some features stated about the app, it’s ads-free, you get to discover sites and listen to all songs, and millions of MP3 songs to download are available, batch download features and many more.

5. Easy Music downloader

I was strolling through eagleget app store recently, and I discovered the Easy music downloader app for android. I decided to give it a try. From my experience, I got preview of any music I searched for before downloading. The application also lets me stream/play music, share them and also set them as ringtone. In fact, this is your best shot for setting MP3 musics as ringtone from your android device.

The 5 Best MP3 Music Downloader for iPhone & iPad

  1. Freegal Music

This application offers over 9million free-to-download mp3 musics. However, it’s a legal app that is completely free. The app gives results of MP3 music by most top artiste and other retrospective collection. You get to download musics from all over the world using the freegal music app.

2. Spotify Music

I’ve used this application for long and I can testify positively about the app. If you’re looking for the best app to listen to music on your iPhone or iPad, spotify music is highly recommendable. With this app, you get to search any music, by title, artiste or album, download and stream. The premium version of the app is ad-free and you get to listen to musics offline. The app also offers the best sound quality for any music result provided.

3. Beat Music

Beats music app is a very popular music downloader app for iOS devices. It lets you access over 20million free songs, stream and download your favorite songs. The application is available on Apple store, all you need to do is to get to Apple store, install the app and then select the search for the music you wish to stream and download.

4. iDownloader

iDownloader is one of my favorite music and video downloader application. This app provides both MP3 music and video download support. You can use the app as photo viewer and the app comes with a web browser. This app comes with numerous features outside music downloading, so having the app on your iPhone or iPad device is very much similar as killing two birds with a stone.

5. Music Free Download Pro

This is another satisfying application that is used for downloading MP3 Musics on iPhone or iPad devices. The app don’t just support MP3, it also supports WAV as well as M4A files. However, the app allows users to access unlimited number of songs. With the integrated player on the app, you can easily stream musics after getting results for the music you wish to download. You can get the app from app store and install on your iPhone or iPad devices.

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That’s all for the 5 best MP3 music downloader you can get for Android and another 5 best music downloader you can get for iPhone or iPad devices. If you got any other related music downloader app you wish to share with us, feel free to share via comment section.