This content details the 5 Must-Have Android root apps for rooted android phones and tablets. However, these apps are highly recommended for rooted android device because they help improve the speed, performance and experience of the device.

Previously, I updated an article which details the 10 benefits of rooted android device, and I was able to convince readers why they should root their android device. Still not convinced, then I advise you go through the content. It won’t be possible to download the apps I’ll be highlighting below, if your android device isn’t rooted.

5 Must-Have Android Root Apps for Rooted Device

1. Greenify

Greenify is one of the best android root apps for rooted android device. I call this app the father of all android root app. This app helps to optimize the performance of your android device by using the auto hibernation mode, boost mode, allowing all system apps to be greenified, keep notification immediately after hibernation and many more features. So, having rooted your android device, it’s advisable you download Greenify application.

2. Rom Manager

You won’t be able to use ROM Manager Application if your android device isn’t rooted. ROM manager keeps you updated with most popular roms available for your device, lets you flash them via clockworkmode recovery, lets you install roms from your SD Card, lets you manage your ROM easily via handy UI and many more. Get the latest ROM update with ROM Manager and change your device experience.

3. Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is another essential android root app for file backup. This is not just any backup application. With titanium backup, you can backup specific app or file, backup system files and other root files which aren’t possible on non-rooted android device. Even the TWRP Recovery and CWM recovery can be backed up with Titanium backup. So, if you’re looking for the best backup tool for android device, it’s Titanium backup tool.

4. Trickster Mod

This is an amazing android root app. Trickster mod app comes with lot of awesome features like increasing the life span if your device, monitoring the CPU statistics of your device, ability to apply grace period, vibrator strength support, headset volume boost support, improved sound performance support and many more. Although, some non-rooted android device can perform most of these functions, but Trickster operates in a more advanced way.

5. Solid Explorer

Solid explorer is the best android file manager app that works perfectly on only rooted android device. With solid explorer, you can easily browse through your android system, even as far as going deep to your system files and other root folders. You can also be able to copy and paste or move files from one folder or partition to another. The application also makes it possible to transfer permanently stored files from the device memory to your SD Card. There is also room to rename file extension and many more.
That’s all for the 5 Must-Have Android root apps for rooted android device. If you’ve rooted your android device, and none of these apps highlighted is present on your device, just know that you’ve not begin to explore the use of the device. I advise you download all the android root apps highlighted above, they would help improve your device performance and experience.