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WiFi is a wireless technology that is preferred in modern time as a mode of Internet connection. However, this wireless network can be accessed only when you’ve a WiFi adapter on your devices which means your device has to be WiFi enabled to access the network.

Recently, the use of WiFi network is on point in such a manner that the wired technology becomes pointless. However, its better consideration to use wireless technology because communication or networking process can be executed from a distance. This process can’t be compared to the wired technology that requires user to be at the closest range. But the cons about WiFi technology is that it is less secured compared to the wired technology. However, this brings us the topic of the day on the 5 proven ways to Hack WiFi using Android Phones.

Disclaimer: This guide is about detailing to you should be tested on your personal properties and shouldn’t be used for any illegal activities. Bosstechy won’t be held responsible if you’re caught hacking into other people’s properties.

5 Proven Ways to Hack WiFi using Android Phones

Method 1: (using WPA WPS Tester)

The WPA, WPS tester application locates and hacks into any un-secured WiFi network, I also provide you with the WPA, WPS and WEP set to the router. However, the application requires SuperSU permission to work perfectly, and that means that your device needs to be rooted to make use of this application. The updated version of the application doesn’t require root access from android Lollipop and marshmallow users.

To make use of the WPA WPS tester, simply download it from Google Play store here, or download the premium version of the app here. Of course, the premium version comes with premium features. Once the app is downloaded, grant root access if your android is running on operating system below lollipop, then scan for networks and you’re good to go.

Method 2: (using WiFi Password scrapper)

WiFi password scrapper is another useful tools used to hack wifi password using android device. With this tool, you get to scan for WiFi networks, save their passwords and you’re good to go. I’ve used the app for some couple of times, and I can say, it works like a charm.

The application provides users with WiFi options having the best signals.

Unlike WPA WPS tester, the WiFi scrapper doesn’t require root access on your android device. All you need to do is downloading WiFi scrapper.

Remember to enable “Unknown source” mode on your android device which can be found on Settings >> Security >> then scroll down and enable. Once you’re down, download the app, launch, refresh and available WiFi networks will be shown to you. Once you see a green lock icon, simply click on it and connect… Boom…. The password will be shown to you and you can enjoy the WiFi network.

Method 3: (using Bcmon app)

This is a very technical method, but it works perfectly. Although, you’ll need to root your android device and also makes sure that your device contains the broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 chipset. If your device has any of those chipset, then simply proceed to downloading the Bcmon app here.

Once you’ve downloaded the Bcmon app, then the app will begin to monitor the Broadcom chipset on your device. Of course you’ve to allow unknown source on your device to install the app (because it’s a third party app that isn’t download in Google Playstore).

Now, launch the app, “Install firmware and tools” and then enable Monitor mode option.

Once you’re done, simply download Reaver from here, and install on your android device. The main purpose of the Reaver app is to reveal the WPA2 passphrase by cracking the WPS pin.

After installation of Reaver app, launch and accept terms, then the app will scan through available access points, simply click on any access point you wish to crack from the available ones. Don’t forget to check the “Advance settings box” to verify settings. Once everything is set, click on “Start attack” and access points will be cracked. Hack wi-fi password process is simplified with this.

Method 4: (using WiFi kill)

This application makes me feel like the BOSS. The purpose of this application is to hack into any WiFi networks and disconnect devices on the WiFi network, at same time, eating up the bandwidth of that network. If this type of tool falls in the wrong hands, it’s then a dangerous tool.

Some other functions of the tool is to grab traffic and website visited by the disconnected device, shows byte that is being transferred, shows network names and other features. The application works perfectly on Android 4.x+ and it’s pretty user-friendly. This is my favourite method for hack wi-fi password process.

Simply download the tool, and you’re good to go. Please don’t make use of the tool illegally to be on a safer side.

Method 5: (using ZAnti tool)

This is a penetration testing android tool that is also capable of hacking Wi-Fi network passwords using Android phones. The main purpose of this tool is to check the security level on any Wi-Fi network, on the other hand; it can easily attack any vulnerable WiFi network that is discovered. So don’t bother looking for ways on how to hack wifi when you got ZAnti tool.

Some other features of this tool includes, checking Mac address and useful details of network, changing Google results on WiFi, changing Google images, session hijacking on the network and many more.

Every wanted to feel like the BossTechy, then you can make use of the above applications to hack any Wi-Fi network password using your Android phone or tablet. If you need any assistance, feel free to let me know via comment section below. Don’t also forget to share this useful guide with your friends on social networks.