I can tell how frustrating it is to see your windows 10 run an automatic update. It’s data consuming and also may affected cracked software on your personal computer. However, I believe most of you might have tried different ways to turn off windows 10 automatic update but none avail.

In this guide, I’ll reveal a brief tip on how you can easily deactivate automatic update on your windows 10 computer. After reading and implementing the guide, believe me, you won’t experience windows 10 automatic update or recovery.

Quick tip to turn-off Windows 10 automatic update

  1. Firstly, on your keyboard, press Windows logo key + R to summon the run box as seen below.  After that, input “services.msc” and hit ok.
  2. The next phase, scroll down to “Windows update” and double click.
  3. After that, select “disabled” under start-up type as seen below and hit “Apply” then “OK”, also tap “Stop” button under service status.
  4. Go to recovery tab and select “Take no action” for first failure, second failure and subsequent failure as seen in the image below.

That’s it.

Once the above process is completed, you’ll never encounter windows 10 update on your personal computer unless you wish to, and then you go back and enable it. That’ll will be all for now guys, any question, relate through comment section.