Imagine the Internet without IP Address? Well what is IP Address? IP Address is a unique number that can tell websites or blog (what you are surfing on that blog or websites) a lot about you. IP address is used to track you online, it helps to find your physical location, identity and ISP (internet service provider) and much more. Sometimes, your ISP (internet service provider) blocks some websites – which means you can’t access those websites. So we’re here with how to change your IP Address.

How to change it to any location you want

Method 1: Using VPN VPN is the good option to change your IP address, you can easily hide yourself from ISP and surfing the web more securely.

A vpn software also gives you the option to change your IP address to any location you want with one click of a button, thereby being able to access geo-restricted contents like dating site, us netfflix, UK netfflix and so on. To changing your ip address to any country you want, simply go to the location section of any VPN software you are using, then from the drop down you can select the country or state you want your ip address to be changed to.

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Method 2: Change IP Address by Restarting the Router Every time you connect your PC to internet (ISP) may assign a different IP, it’s called dynamic IP address. If your internet connection uses a dynamic IP address you can easily change your IP address, you just need to restart again and again your Router or Modem. But this method keeps few drawbacks, your newly assigned IP address will have same location or country as before and therefore if you are trying to bypass a country or stop using IP address completely, it will not be possible to do so.