Checking online application status all depends on the very thing you applied for. In this content, I’ll be guiding you on how to check online application status for passport, immigrant visa, nonimmigrant visa, family sponsorship, citizenship, electronic travel authorization, visitor visa, work permit, study permit, permanent resident card, refugees and verification of status.

This status check is based on Canada Government, as I’ll show you an easy way to walk through the process. Sometimes, you don’t need to go to the embassy to get things done. I’ll also detail you on US passport application status check. However, it’s not much detail but recommended link to check status.

To check application status for immigration visa (USA) and non-immigrant visa, I advise you perform check here. Details on Canada study permit, electronic travel authorization, family sponsorship and other stuffs I mentioned above, you can perform check here. US passport and international travel details can be confirmed here.

If you got any issue, or you did get what you’re looking for, please feel free to drop your comment and I’ll provide you with a quick solution.