Penetration testing also known as pen test is more likely to be an authorized simulated attack to a system in other to measure or evaluate the security of the system. However, ZAnti network toolkit is one of the best mobile penetration testing toolkits for risk assessment.

I’ve used so many pen test toolkit but ZAnti network toolkit seems to be the beast. This toolkit can easily access unsafe element in your network, test for vulnerability and gives accurate feedback inform of reports.

The mobile security audit of this toolkit is simplified providing the risk level of any network in a single click. It conducts overall network scan, diagnose and report any form of vulnerability found. However, most individual use this toolkit for illegal reasons, which is not advised. Illegalities like hacking wifi password, and other related hack activities once vulnerability is discovered.

Please, you’re advised against any illegal use of this toolkit as it’s used for just penetration testing. It works perfectly on rooted android device, and works on some other non-rooted android phones.

Where to download ZAnti Network toolkit?

You can download the ZAnti network toolkit from their official site. I already attached the link in the below download button.

Once you’ve downloaded the toolkit. Enable unknown source on your android device. Go to settings >> security and enable unknown source. This would enable you install third party source files. If you encounter any difficulty using the application, do let me know via comment section.