Amazon “INTERNET” browser without doubt will be the talk of the town. As known, amazon is known to be one of the largest e-commerce and cloud computing company. This company has really impacted to recent technology. It’s also developed recent gadgets and techy used materials. Finally, they concluded their work by providing users with a lightweight web internet browser for android devices.

In competition, amazon “Internet” web browser seems to take down most web browser in terms of being light. However, you get to save a lot of data plan using this browser. This web browser helps compress data usage, gives you the best view of images and video in a much more compressed size (without quality lost), and you save storage space on your device.

One good thing about this browser is the fact that it keeps your data private unlike every other web browsers that seek permission to access your data. However, the browser also has the private tab (incognito as known to many), where users browse websites or pages that won’t be recorded on device as cookies or history.

The homepage of the browser gives you the best entertainment news, headlines, sports and so many more categories in regards to what you love most.

Download Amazon “INTERNET” Web Browser

Anyways, we just had the first version of the browser, and I love it. Remember, first impression matters a lot, and with time, more features would be integrated on the amazon “Internet” web browser. For now, this browser is available on just android devices.

Less I forget, it’s not available on all country for download in playstore. You can use the above link to download the browser and if it’s not available in your country, simply turn on your VPN and access USA location, then the download link from playstore would be made available to you. If you encounter any difficulty during the process, do let me known via comment section. Don’t miss my delete cookies on safari tricks and free mobile recharge tricks.