I’ve familiarized myself with so many techy hacks lately and came to discover some lovely android game hacks. These android game hacker apps have saved me a lot of buck that I won’t need to pay in other to get unlimited coins or gems. You get to do this all free.

Recently, a friend went through my device. He launched his favourite addictive game by name episode. Lo and behold, he was shocked I had over 50,000 gems loaded on the game. He was like, WTF, how I did purchase such huge amount of gems. I smiled.

I explained to my dear friend that I use a hack on the game. However, I showed him some other games I gathered unlimited coins and gems. I guided him on how to execute same process on his device, and ever since then, he’s remained grateful.

Today, I will be revealing some top applications for android game hacks. Some of this android game hacks application works on just rooted device, the rest works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Of course, you should be familiar with the benefits of rooting your android device. However, I already published a tutorial on how to root your android.

10 Best Apps for Android Game Hacks; Get Unlimited Coins and Gems

  1. Lucky patcher

This application is a very common app for android game hacks. It works effectively on rooted android device. With the app of this application, you can easily eradicate advertisements on games and also in app purchases to get unlimited gems and coins. Simply download lucky patcher and hit patch. After a while, it begins to process and you get a successful patch signal (green) or a partial patch signal (yellow).

Endeavour to download the latest version of the application. I’ve been using the application for a couple of years now, on most of my rooted device, and it works like magic.

  1. Freedom App

This is another cool app to remove in-app purchase and earn unlimited coins, points and gem. This application also requires root access for android game hacks. You see more reason I encourage android users to get their device rooted, because the fun side of android devices is enjoyed when rooted. Simply download the app, grant it root access and you would be able to get unlimited gems and coins.

  1. Cheat Engine

This is one of my favourite game hacker app or android. I started using cheat engine of recent and I must confess, it’s really saved me lot of dimes. With cheat engine app, you can be able to hack almost every android game to get unlimited gold, gems, tokens, coins etc.

The application features “fast scan” and its functionality are really amazing. This app is a top-notched android game hack tool and one of the best game hacker app which I highly recommend.

  1. SB Game Hacker

SB game hacker is a very android game hack tools. It features a highly simplified user interface making the whole hack process very easy for user to execute. The protocol featured on the app makes it easy to hack popular android games like clash of clans, subway surfer etc.

Using this android game hack tool is completely free. So you won’t need to pay for anything. You can give it a try and drop your testimony via comment section. This is one of the most popular game hacker app.

  1. LeoPlay Card

This is another useful application that helps to hack games on android devices. Just like lucky patcher and freedom app, the app also helps to eliminate in-app purchase providing users with privilege of unlimited coins and gems.

The updated version of the app features so many other tools. So, if you’re looking for a lucky patcher alternative, I advise you go for this.

  1. Gamecih

Personally, I’ve not given this app a try. However, after a couple of good reviews I’ve been reading about the application, I decided to include it on my list. A friend of mine, he’s also a developer. So he recommended I give it a try and according to him, it really serve as a good tool for android game hacks.

  1. Xmodgames

Xmodgames for sure is a great tool to hack android games. It serves as a mobile game assistant which helps to modify and accelerate hot android games. Therefore, with xmodgame app, you can easily penetrate android games to receive unlimited gems and coins. I advise you try out this game hacker app on your android.

  1. Game Killer

This application works only on rooted android device. With game killer application, you can easily access in-app purchase without being charged. However, you get unlimited gold, coins and gems for any popular games. I advise you give it a try on android racing games, it works like charm.

  1. Game Guardian
  2. Creek hack

I believe by now, I’ve been able to solve your problem in regards to apps for android game hacks with best game hacker apps. The above highlighted tools are tested and confirmed working. So I advise you try them out on your android device. I assure you that none of the above listed app is harmful on android device. All of the applications are safe for usage. If you encounter any problem using any of the app, let me know via comment section.