Battery saver Apps for Android is applications that help maximize the lifespan of android battery by eradicating any useless task that drains your android battery. However, “battery life” is known as the amount to time that your battery is being used before it gets charged, as increasing the battery life also increases the usage time.
The battery capacity that your smartphone comes with is one of the major roles on how long your battery may last, but outside that, you can improve the normal stand-by time or usage time with the help of battery saver apps for Android.
Ever wanted to improve your battery usage time, thereby increasing its lifespan. This content will guide you. I’ll briefly highlight the 5 best android battery saver apps to increase battery life span.

Top 5 Best Android Battery Saver Apps

  1. DU Battery Saver

Du Battery Saver also known as power saver is one of the best android apps for improving android battery. This is a free application that makes your android battery last longer giving you up to 50% extra battery life span. This app is the simplest batter saver app that can save your android battery way faster than you think, very effective, and also helps in cooling your device. Of course, you know that overheating of your device also drains the lifespan of your batter, so with the cooling features of this app, that’s a NO to overheating.
Other features of the app include, a one-time optimization, better battery saver mode, anytime safe management and healthy charge stage manager.

2. Battery Doctor

Battery doctor aka battery saver is a very popular android application for saving lifespan of any android battery. The app also saves up to 50% extra battery capacities just like the Du battery saver app. The Batter doctor supports up to 27 languages and English is the primary language for the app, as changes can be done.

Features of the application includes, Juice defense, keeping accurate time for the remaining batter, helps in pro charging, and it got widget included. Other basic features like one-click task killing, screen off task eradicator, unique charging system, brightness control, CPU management, easy-to-use-interface, charging tips and many more are included.

3. Avast Battery Saver

This is the best battery saver app from Avast with high performance profile. The Avast battery saver gives user a 30% top up on battery lifespan. However, the app comes with the coolest widget for android battery.

The application supports any android device above operating system 4.1+ and it comes with the simplest user interface. The app detects apps draining battery and stops them, it also estimates the remaining battery and how long it will last. There is much other stuff that the app features.

4. Go Battery Saver

Go Battery saver aka power widget is one of the best android apps for saving android battery. With this app, you can easily improve the lifespan of your android battery, and the app comes with the most professional battery manager that helps in extending your android battery. The app helps to estimate battery remaining time, smart battery saver mode, better charging maintenance and many more. This app is compatible on every android smartphone.

5. Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

This is also a common battery saver app and a free intel battery security optimizer which helps to boost your android battery lifespan via their management features. The major role of this lifespan is not just to extend your android battery lifespan, but also to speed up your android device by cleaning up the RAM for better performance. This app can serve as a better saver for android, and also serve as a memory optimizer for speeding up android devices.

Major features of the application includes, battery saver, memory optimizer, storage cleaner, data management, quick boost, sticky notification and lot more.
That’s all for the 5 best android battery saver app for increasing battery lifespan. You can get any of these applications highlighted above from Google Play store. If after using the applications and you still got issue on battery drainage, do let me know via comment section. Feel free to share this guide with your friends.