Bloggers as well as webmaster requires some social media tools that can become very handy in other to skyrocket the growth your web or blogging business. However, these tools can serve as an optimizer or as a means of engagement to monitor the growth of your business.

Below, I’ll be highlighting the 5 Best social media tools you should make use of as a blogger or as a webmaster.

1. Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is a very handy social media tool, in the sense that this tool is very much handy when it comes to search engine optimization. So, if you wish to be found easily on web, you wish to get necessary data diagnostic for a healthy and friendly site, you want to become a pro in website business monitoring, then Google Webmaster tool is a very handy social media tool for you.

2. Google Analystics

Google Analytics works hand in hand with Google webmaster, but it’s based on your web business monitoring. With Google Analytics, you can easily collect result of how successful your web business, traffic management, points to work on, visitor engagement and other web management. Just as its name, Analytics, it helps analyze how successful your website business is, and gives you pull for the great result, so you can keep it up from there. So, if you wish to make intelligent internet marketing, I advise you hook up with Google Analytics.

3. Hootsuite

This is another great social media tool that comes with social engagement systems. However, you can create awareness about your brand and website round the social networks through the help of Hootsuite. I’ve used this tool for years, and I can stand for it. So looking for a tool to attract new readers, visitors or customers to your web, Hootsuite is the best.

4. Mail Chimp

Having lots of visitors or customers is one great joy, retaining and engaging them as regular visitors or a customer is another better joy. With Mail Chimp, you can send marketing emails targeted campaigns and automated messages to all your customers. This social media tool is best for mail marketing and I advise every webmaster to be part of business.

5. Twitter Counter

Twitter counter is known for being the best social media tool for Twitter engagements. If you wish to get a clear graph or an overview of your twitter stats, then with twitter counter, it’s determined automatically. Twitter counter also helps in user engagements and also twitter growth. So I advise you make use of Twitter counter, it’s also a handy social media tool.

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That’s all for the 5 best social media tools for Webmaster and bloggers. Hope you find these tools highlighted above useful? If you got any sure social media tool that should have made my list, then feel free to let me know via comment section.