I always tell people that safety is not a gadget but a state of mind. For you to have landed on this article it means your quest to find queries relating to android backup apps, free apps for android backup, sms/contact/app/photo backup solution and any other related query is seen.

Having a duplicate backup of whatever information you acquire is safe. This avoids permanent loss of data. However, whenever you reset your device, you can easily restore your backed up data. This is what I call, taking security measures.

Previously, I revealed some top notched security software for android. Today, I would quickly highlight my five favourite android backup apps. Trust me, after reading through my list, you would get the best out of it.

Best Android Backup App – Backup SMS | Contact | Photos | Apps

  1. Titanium Backup

This is one of my favourite applications when it comes to top handy app for my android device. I do recommend this application for most clients. However, this free data backup app requires root access for maximum operation. This is one of the benefits of rooting your android.

Titanium backup app for android device features backup and restore with top notched encryption model. It supports app freeze and keeps multiple backup per app. It also converts user app to system app and vice versa, sync to/from dropbox and protects backup against deletion.

With titanium backup, dalvik cache cleaner is certain alongside system log cleaner. Backup schedule is possible, and hyper shell speed is sure. There are lot more features to explore using titanium backup, so I advise you get it downloaded from playstore. If your android device isn’t rooted, then I advise you try these root apps.

  1. Helium

Helium is another exclusive app sync and backup for android devices. This application is top-notched and doesn’t require root access for full functionality. It works on all android devices, both root and non-rooted android device.

With helium, you can easily backup your android device and sync to SD card or cloud storage. However, you can setup backup schedules to anytime for automated backup process. I have used the helium application for a couple of years now, and I must say, it’s a good one and you enjoy it more as a paid user. With just few bucks, you can get the paid version.

  1. G Cloud Backup

This is another android backup app I can testify of. I believe you must have read my previous article on cloud storage services & online backup. That isn’t relating to G Cloud backup but performs alike. You see, with G cloud backup, you get to backup and restore your entire android device on cloud storage.

With this app, you can easily secure and safe your entire contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and lots more vital data to a much secured cloud storage. I believe you understand the power in cloud computing.

You don’t need rooting permission to make use of this app. However, the application features encryption models, scheduler, one click backup process and lots more. You can download the application from playstore.

  1. Super Backup Pro

Super backup pro is a very fast android backup and it’s very efficient in terms of speed. You don’t need the whole day backing up your android data. Super backup pro ensures all data properly backed up in just few minutes. However, the app set default backup location to internal storage.

The application features backup app to SD card, download links from google play backup, backup & restore, schedule automatic backup and lots more. I also recommend the app for the purpose of being able to select SMS conversation for backup.

You won’t need root access to make use of this app. So, with just few cents or a dollar, you can get the super backup pro application and enjoy all features integrated into the application. You can also get the app downloaded from playstore.

  1. Backup Your Android

Rooted android users enjoys more benefits of much more sophisticated app. Anyways, I love this app as its also sophisticated and doesn’t require root access but you won’t compare the app with titanium backup.

Backup your android application features backup and restore for contacts, SMS, MMS, Call logs, System settings, secure system settings, Wifi passwords, User dictionary, APNs, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarks and browser history. However, the application comes with an automated backup scheduler which helps to schedule backup for your android device.

The “backup your android” app also supports backup to/from cloud storage. You can get the app from playstore and explore lots more feature.

What do you think guys? Try exploring each of these backup apps as they’re all top notched. I’ve used each of the above highlighted android backup apps, and I must confess I enjoyed using them. Although, it doesn’t change the fact that titanium backup still remains my favourite.

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