This content details the top 7 Best Cloud storage and online backup service.

Cloud storage is an innovation under cloud computing. You can access office, anytime, anywhere or with any cloud enabled device. To simplify terms, Cloud storage is a means of storing data online or a model of data storage that is backed up and also managed remotely for the users in the Internet.

With cloud storage, there are better benefits of greater reliability and accessibility, strong protection on backed up data, rapid growth and so on.

Using cloud storage service helps to reduce cost or expenses on external drives or backup routine. However, invisibility benefits, that is, no physical presence is involved. It’s safer to use cloud storage because of high security, protection, easy accessibility, syncing, easy recovery, sharing and highly automation.

Hopefully, I was able to compile the 7 best cloud storage services for Online backup.

Best Cloud storage and online backup service

  1. Google Drive

Google drive is a very safe place for all your files. You can be able to store files of different formats and users are given a 15GB free storage space to store anything. However, you can easily access your entire file anywhere and synchronize with any device, smartphone, tablet or computer. However, you can be able to share your files with friends or public.

  1. One Drive

One Drive is another popular virtualstorage app and free file hosting service owned by Microsoft. With One drive, you can easily sync files, access files anywhere and also share files to public. Files shared publicly with One Drive don’t need a Microsoft account to get accessed.

  1. DropBox

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that builds simple and powerful products for people and business. They let user store big files and also allow users backup their private files on their host, providing them with guarantee security. You can also share files publicly using dropbox.

  1. Box

This is my favorite virtual storage platform with reliability and flexibility. However, security is sure. Box users get 10GB free storage.

Box web-based service works in any browser and you can easily manage all your content, share them publicly and you can also invite public to share and comment. Using Box Note, you can easily create new content.

Features like file renaming, Doc preview, PDF preview, sync of files, Guarantee security and better management is involved. Users can download and access Box mobile app on android, iOS, and other devices.

  1. Copy

Copy is one of the best cloud storage service providers and online backup system that. Just like Google Driver, you get a free 15GB cloud storage space, where you can store files, sync files and also share files publicly.

As a free user on Copy, you get 30 days file revision history, 30 days file backup and recovery, improved mobile access and no maximum file size limit.

  1. MediaFire

This is a large virtual storage app that lets users store digital documents of any file format. However, stored files can be accessed anytime and made available for user through any device.

Mediafire also grants users access to massive 50GB cloud storage space, which lets you to easily reserve space for backup. They also provide users with file protection option, that is, users can easily password-protect their files or document before sharing publicly. This is what I call a top-notched security.

  1. Pcloud

Pcloud is the simplest online virtual storage service that let users host their personal or private data viat their cloud system and accessibility is possible through smartphone, computer using pcloud and also browsers.

Recently, PCloud built additional layer of file protection, which brings about improved security on their system. However, hackers can’t penetrate your encrypted files through their system. In fact, PCloud Company is running a challenge for any hacker that can penetrate their system.

Get started with PCloud now, and 20GB online cloud storage space is yours.


The above cloud storage service providers are technically selected by me, and they’re very reliable and secured for online backup and data storage. They also works as cross platform cloud storage solution and highly recommended for users.