TELCOM Satellite Television (TSTV) is a very new decoder in Africa which was launched during Nigerians Independence 2017. It’s been a great opposition to DSTV decoder ever since then, as they released their mouth-watering plans.

TSTV sets to distribute the dexterity decoder which is said to be more economical and consumption is per view base. This means, users pay per use of the decoder unlike the headshot we receive from DSTV on monthly basis. This happens no matter how much more or less you use.

Believe me when I say, this gives an average Nigerian an opportunity to enjoy on high definition standards with global channels available on their decoder. No headshots, you pay as you view, pause and play of live shows, cheap subscription plans and lots more.

TSTV dexterity starts sales soon

In last few months, some users already purchased the TSTV sassy decoder. If you already purchased sassy decoder, you can easily swap for dexterity decoder with a N2500 cost. Remember the 20GB free data being offered at first sight. However, TSTV already published their latest tweets in regards to sales of dexterity decoder as quoted below;

Dexterity sales will start soon once we have completed our ongoing nationwide tests and full integration of our data hubs nationwide. We can guarantee everyone that TSTV will revolutionize and create a new model for the entire pay TV market in Africa. We just are getting started.

The above tweet is what we got from their social media handle, and we are so delighted to pass the information across.

You can however go through their “where to buy TSTV” page as you anticipate the arrival of dexterity decoder to your state. It’s going to be distributed to all 36 states, so believe me when I say you won’t be left out. With just few bucks, you can get this decoder and enjoy wide range channel with as low as N1500 subscription. If you have further question, feel free to use the comment section.