As a big fan of music, I’d make sure I get the best music player apps with quality effects, enticing skin, automated equalizers, some with lyrics player and many more. I don’t just enjoy the stock music player that’s pre-installed on my device, as it’s playlist formation isn’t automated, and song genre and other features is kinda odd.

I was strolling through the internet, and I came in touch with some cool music apps which I tested personally, and came to discover some great features that aren’t found on my default music app… I decided to try each of the apps, and I managed to handpick then 5 best and most rated music player apps for android device.
Today, I’ll be highlighting the 5 best free music player apps for android device with direct download links. Just take a snap, get sited and read through the highlights.

5 Best Music Player Apps for Android 2017 – download links provided on title

  1. Musixmatch

MusixMatch is known to be the best music catalog for android phones, and this app was also featured on Google Play as the best app as of 2015. The MusixMatch app is a powerful app that helps sync lyrics of diverse music… that is, you get to listen to songs on your music library with its lyrics, and you can also get an instant lyrics search of any song using musixmatch, and also get to identify lyrics of songs playing around you.

Some extra features of MusiXmatch includes, casting lyrics and songs to your TV using chromecast, sleeper timer features, equalizer, lyrics quotes & cards creation, android wear and TV support.
Personal experience: I noticed that I wasn’t able to edit tag from external SD card, some lyrics aren’t complete, album fetch is just perfect, had problem sometimes when trying to re-scan songs and last version ruined something’s compared to older version. It’s an almost perfect app, with 4.5 star rating on Play store.

2. Songza

This is another cool music app that I recommend for Android users. Even the iPhone users can give it a try, as it has an available version for iOS devices. The Songza music app is a free-to-use music app with no listening limits and helps Music Concierge songs for user that is, playing the best songs at the best moments.
You get to browse through curated playlist library which is organized by decade, mood, genre and activity. You can also save your favorite playlists and share them on Facebook and twitter.

3. Sound Cloud

This is another top-notch music player app that I use. The app explores trending music and audio feeds, gives direct search results for tracks & artiste, browse track by genre, action features (play, pause and skip tracks) on lockscreen and playlist shares with friends on Facebook, twitter and tumblr.
Personal experience: problem with time bar (doesn’t move sometimes), I get to “force stop” the app sometimes before music stop playing, songs stop playing for no reason (a minor bug that would be fixed soonest), quality audio (that’s the part love most) and it cuts some song… most of the problems I stated was experienced after the recent update of the app, it’s a minor one though, but annoys me. It’ll be fixed soon, so I advise you also download the app. Rated well on Playstore.

4. Spotify Music

Spotify music is a very popular music app and also made out top-list as one of the best music player app 2016. The app comes with outstanding features, music downloads for offline listening, no ads features, and music can be stopped any time by user.

Personal experience: not happy with the new playlist filtering… developers will fix that in next update… every other thing is working as expected, just that the premium version comes with premium features. I call it free because you can still get what you want on the free version.

5. Shazam

According to TechRadar, “Shazam is an app that feels like magic”, I can say it feels like JUJU in my native language. The Shazam app works like a charm, as it identifies the name of songs played elsewhere, along with the music information.

You get new discoveries from artistes, get updates with every single hit from the artiste and get to know what those artistes are shazaming on just a single tap. The app also comes with lyrics features just like the musixmatch app, and you also get to launch Pandora radio based on the artiste which you’ve discovered.
In addition, shazam lets users connect and share with friends, you also get to see what your friends are shazaming and the app can also be launched from your android wear.
That’s it for the best music player apps for android 2017. If you got any say or suggestion, feel free to let us know via comment section.