As more and more people involve the internet in their daily lives and everyday activities, the more details they share online. As the internet becomes an integral part of people’s life, they become the targets of some unscrupulous people who won’t stop at anything to realize their selfish goals.

The danger of cybercrime is a real threat to the peaceful life of computers and internet users all around the world. The extent of risk can be visible from the ever-increasing number of cyber attacks per year. For instance, the numbers of zero-day vulnerability increased 125% in 2015 from the figures of the previous year. Attackers are profiting from flaws in browsers and website plug-ins.

Half a billion personal records were stolen from websites and databases in the last year, setting off worrying alarms among users. Cyber attackers are also launching relentless attacks against businesses, as evidenced by a 55% rise in spear-phishing attacks. Against this dreary backdrop, the importance to remain safe and protect yourself from the onslaughts of cyber-criminals is of paramount importance for users like you and me.

How Norton Antivirus Coupons Can Keep You Safe?

So how can the people keep themselves safe from the dangers of cyber-crime? The first step would be installing an antivirus program like Norton antivirus in their devices. Norton 360 is the best way to get guaranteed continuous protection from malware and viruses.

It is one of the leading antivirus programs, popular among users from all walks of life worldwide. Norton’s relentless quest to ensure the best malware protection for its users has earned it unwavering trust and undying loyalty among its users. And now, Norton users have a piece of good news to cheer them up. To prove that it is dedicated to pursuing excellence in the fight against malware and viruses, Norton has introduced the chance to get Norton coupon codes at very cheap rates that can help users activate their Norton antivirus programs and update their existing Norton Products.

With these Norton Antivirus Coupons, Norton users can bolster their defenses against the cyber attackers. Coupled with Norton’s top-class database engine, an array of exceptional features, users get an antivirus experience unmatched by any of Norton’s competitors. Among the plethora of antivirus programs Norton Securities have produced, Norton Security is the latest one.

Norton Security can be sold in the form of a single product, with one product key. It can work on five different devices. The product supports various platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and OS X platforms. Up to 25 GB of cloud storage space is available along with a license for five devices for a meager $10. In this article, you will find some Norton coupon codes which will help you get a Norton product for a 90-days free trial. In fact, you can also renew your existing product by using these Norton Antivirus coupons.

Complete Features of Norton 360:

Norton Security identifies malware by cross-checking the suspicious files with malware definitions, which is a database record stored in the program’s cloud storage. This implies that, unlike in many antivirus programs, the malware definitions do not need to be manually downloaded. another great feature of Norton is that it can detect viruses and malware early in its lifecycle by analyzing any suspicious characteristics.

By default, Norton is programmed to complete automated virus and malware scan every week. this guarantees that you can perform automated malware scans without setting a host of complicated work orders. This setting can be reverted to any default suitable to the people using it from the settings menu.
Every 15 minutes, rapid pulse updates are delivered inside 15 minutes to guarantee 24/7 protection. In order to offer an interruption-free experience, these updates are run in the background. Therefore, your normal operations are not hampered.
Many a times your PC needs to employ a lot of its resources to ensure a proper scan, If you happen to be using the PC at that moment, intensive resources-involving scans can take place when your PC isn’t in use.
The protection system in Norton Securities has a 5-layer structure, all of which are patented. these 5 layers of protection are capable of detecting and eliminating any and all threats quicker and more efficiently compared to other antivirus engines.
Don’t worry if you have a slow internet connection and need to update Norton Security. It has a built-in bandwidth management. It can adjust its data usage automatically depending on the nature and speed of the internet connection. If you’re using 3G networks, for example, the data you device uses will be less in amount.

Using Norton Antivirus Coupon Codes for Free Trial:

Norton Security offers a trial period of up to 90 days and sometime you can earn free credits in terms of rewards for your new purchase. This is to ensure that you have confidence in the product and are comfortable with it before paying for it. Each device is allowed for only one trial period.

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Norton Antivirus Coupons Policy:

Only one Norton Antivirus Coupon code is eligible to be used for a single purchase. The total value of the Norton coupon code must be less than the total value of the purchase. In order to be eligible to redeem your Norton coupon codes, you must meet all the requirements of a purchase. It is to be mentioned that, a few of the promotional offers are for new customers and a brand new purchase only. It isn’t valid of renewal or upgrade of Norton Antivirus coupons.

Where to get Active Norton Coupon Codes 2017:
Don’t miss this golden opportunity to secure your own Norton Antivirus coupons or Norton coupon codes. Make them yours while the offers last and make great savings on your renewal scheme for Norton 360 antivirus program.