This is a comprehensive Paysbook review which details all you need to know about Paysbook social media and its affiliate section. As known, social media are interactive computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

What is Paysbook?

Paysbook is a 3 in 1 platform which comprises of social media, E-commerce and affiliate program. However, it’s an undisputable revolutionary social media platform that enables you earn income when your friends on the platform advertises their products or services. When your Facebook contacts advertise on Facebook, you earn nothing. Facebook takes 100% of the money, but Paysbook puts in your pocket up to 72% of the advertising budget spent by your friends on their social media platform.

How Legit is

Paysbook is a very legit online business that has passed through all necessary security and law certification. The company is certified by SEC (Security Exchange and Commission), the company also has a business permit registered in Philippine and certificate of companies’ registration as seen below.

Business Permit
Certificate of Registration
SEC certificate

How to verify if Paysbook is SEC Approved?

  1. Visit
  2. Go to “Order” tab.
  3. After that, on the field provided, input “Paysbook E-commerce”.
  4. You should see the registration number, as seen in the image below. You can compare the number with the SEC certificate I uploaded above.

That’s it. The above info already reveals that Paysbook is a 100% legit business.

How to Make Money Online using Paysbook?

Paysbook is a very unique opportunity with a paying social media. It has an e-commerce platform where one can buy and sell goods and services like Jiji, eBay etc. but in this guide, we would be focusing more on Paysbook social media with their affiliate marketing platform.

As known, most of us engage in lot of activities on popular social media like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. but don’t get paid. Paysbook is the 21st century social media platform that pays you on every activity you engage. Talking about engagement, when you create a trend on Paysbook, get likes, comments, shares… you get paid. The more your post trends, the more income you’re likely to make from it.

I know of so many friends with Instagram handle having up to 10k followers, huge number of Facebook friends and even much twitter followers but don’t make a dime from it. When you come on board in Paysbook, every activity, every engagement attracts a pay.

How do company benefit from this?

Every social media company benefit hugely from the traffic you draw to their site as they make huge profits from advertisement, directly or indirectly. So Paysbook Company returns 72% of their profit to the community.

Paysbook Income funnels

Paysbook affiliate platform is connected to their social media platform, so whatever income you get from paysbook social media is displayed on your affiliate dashboard. However, paysbook feature some other income funnel outside earning from their social media platform.

  1. Sign up reward: this is a free $6 (₱300) reward you earn from Paysbook whenever you sign up on their affiliate platform.
  2. Login reward: After you must have signed up and activated your Paysbook account, paysbook offers you an opportunity to earn 4$(₱200) daily for 6days which equals 24$ (₱1200). You earn this by simply logging in and out your account 4times daily.
  3. Direct Commission: this is a huge benefit for users that shares this opportunity with their Family and friends. Unlike other social media out there, Paysbook pays you $2 (₱100) for every direct active affiliate you refer. This defiantly encourages us to share the opportunity amongst family and friends.
  4. Matching commission: Paysbook also features matching commission which is an interesting aspect for networkers out there. It’s integrated with a binary system that pays you $2 (₱100) unlimited on every match from your left and right team. However, you can earn up to 80$ (₱4000) daily from matching bonus alone depending on you or your team’s effort.
  5. Levelling commission: this is another sweet aspect. Paysbook pays you 8$ (₱400) levelling commission for every 1st matching commission up to 10th level which results to 80$ (₱4000)

Paysbook Payment options & Proofs

As known, Paysbook is launched in Philippine but provides payment option for every user around the globe. However, in due time, more and more payment options would be included. The payment option available includes;

  1. BDO Payout – for Philippine users
  2. True Money Payout – Philippine users
  3. Dealers Payout (Western Union) – International users
  4. PayPal Payout – International users

My Payment Proof

Personally, as a member outside Philippine, I do make use of either dealers Payout or PayPal payout option. I receive my dealer’s payout via western union. But if you reside in Philippine, make use of either the BDO or True Money payout option. Below are some proofs of payment.


How to get started?

Firstly, register an account on Paysbook via here, or make use of the below register now button.

After that, to enjoy every reward, you need to activate your account. Activating your account requires you to make one-time payment of 20$ and have an unlimited earning potential. I already created a whatsapp, telegram and Facebook group for every interested user to join so I guide them on activation procedure.

So, if you’re interested in joining Paysbook platform, you can join any of our social groups for guidance or activation process. You can also drop a message on my Facebook via

Whatsapp group >>

Facebook group >>

Telegram group >>

Join any of the above group; I’ll guide you guys from there, as after activation, you connect your paysbook social media account with affiliate dashboard. Paysbook rocks and it’s the deal. If you’ve any question, feel free to let me know via comment section or you can join any of the social group and drop your question.