Make money online with your investment in JAAG coin, a top-notched digital currency with strategic plans, sustainability and usability. However, as an inexperienced participant in the cryptocurrency field, simply invest into JAAG and monitor your investment as you hit over 1000% returns on your investment.

What is Digital Currency?

According to Wikipedia, Digital currency is a type of currency available only in digital form, not in physical. It exhibits properties similar to physical currencies, but allows for instantaneous transactions and borderless transfer-of-ownership.

Disclaimer: We are not a registered investment advisor, broker or  analyst in financial markets. All the information provided is solely for guidance and educational purposes.

JAAG COIN & Business Plan

JAAG Coin introduces a highly sustainable business plan for the community. With the JAAG coin business plan as I’ll state below, there will be high market demand and limited dump in value which will gradually keep increasing the overall value of the digital currency and serves as a profit to the community. There are so many other ecosystems that are connected with JAAG, this helps increase JAAG usability and demand in general outside their loan plan. I’ll start by explaining their business plan.

As seen from the image above, it describes JAAG loan program. When you invest any amount ranging from 250$ – $20,000 into JAAG network, you can choose to lock your investment for a certain period of time, maybe 9months, 12months, 18months or 24months. Depending on the lock period, you are rewarded with a monthly interest paid into your JAAG wallet. As seen in the image above, when you lock your capital for 9months, you earn 2% monthly, 12months lock period earns you 3% monthly, 18months lock period earns you 5% monthly and 24months lock period earns you 6% monthly. Monthly interest is paid in JAAG and you will get it every month till the lock period is due, and then your capital will be released.

You might be wondering, 2% – 6% monthly, how it makes you over 1,000% returns from your investment. Now, before you invest into a package, you purchase JAAG coin from the exchange market (I’ll guide you through on my next guide), the exact amount that is enough for the package you going for. If for instance, you wish to invest 1,000$ into JAAG network, and the value for 1 JAAG per USD is $2 as of the time you made purchase, therefore you are entitled to receiving 500 JAAGs. Afterwards, you locked up your coins for 24 months which entitles you for 6% monthly benefit for 24 months, then capital release. You get 6% monthly of the 500 JAAGs which results to 30 JAAGs paid to your wallet every month for 24 months. After 24 months, capital is paid out. So let’s do a raw calculation with a very low prediction value.


Assuming after 24months, JAAG value increases by 500% (which is 10$) – this is just a prediction; you could see a far higher increase in value.

Therefore, 30 JAAGs x 24 = 720 JAAGs + Capital (500 JAAGs) = 1220 JAAGs.

After 500% increase in value is surfaced, 1220 x 10$ = 12,200$.

As seen from the above calculation, 1000$ earning you 12,200$ is over 1220% increase on investment. You could get far more than that depending on the increase in value of JAAG digital currency. However, the monthly interest is paid into your JAAG wallet that can be easily converted to fiat money (paper currency).

What makes JAAG Coin different from other digital currency?

As known, there are over 1800 coins in the digital currency market. However, 90% of these coins are shitcoins (coins with no real usability and not sustainable); it’s just a pump and dump. JAAG have a very solid ecosystem which helps build not just demand but also sustainability and usability of their currency. We all know that the JAAG loan program helps in building more demand of the currency but its major target is focused on increasing their numbers in the community as a JAAG network. However, there are other ecosystems connected to JAAG network.

  1. Crypto exchange: this is a common ecosystem every digital currency should have. Any investor interested in JAAG network will be able to easily buy or sell their JAAG coins on crypto exchange. So, you get to convert your JAAG to other major crypto or fiat and vice versa.
  2. ATM services: JAAG wallet is provided with an ATM service which connects to global exchange. ROI gets back to the JAAG network.
  3. Cloud Funder: JAAG Company is giving out loans to SME (Small and Medium-sized enterprise). The ROI of these loans provided gets back to JAAG network. This sustains the network.
  4. Merchant Interface: JAAG Company will provide its services to hundreds-thousands merchants globally. This will help increase not just demand of the currency but also usability and sustainability as returns heads back to the JAAG network.
  5. FORUS – let’s discuss FORUS.

What is FORUS and how it works with JAAG?

After the launch of JAAG coin, they immediately sealed a partnership with FORUS. As known, FORUS is a multi-million dollar digital exchange and blockchain company. They’ve over 56million people in their database and counting. This company provides JAAG with a smart card service and other payment services. As seen in the image below, a FORUS card which is integrated with JAAG wallet and 4Realxchange. Meaning, it serves as a payment solution from any part of the world. Also, 4realxchange serves as a real-time converter of your JAAG to any fiat rate provided from any part of the world. We can also see the merchant tool that is provided to merchants globally. FORUS also offer an ATM service.

The above image is the FORUS smart card and merchant device. You can also take a view on how the smart card works from the above short clipped video. I wouldn’t want to emphasis much on this but I need you to understand that with the technology FORUS brings to JAAG, there would be high usability and sustainability in JAAG network and this would defiantly bring JAAG to the top-20 digital currency in the market.

How to get started with JAAG?

Firstly, register a free JAAG account. Use the below registration button. Alternatively, you can use this link >>

After that, go to your email inbox and confirm your account.

Once you’re done, log into your JAAG account and update your profile. Also, endeavour to upload your government issued documents (i.e. National ID, Driver’s license, International Passport or Voters card).

Next, go to cointeb exchange, click here to create an account on cointeb. Send bitcoin to the exchange and use to purchase JAAG coin, then move to your Jaag network wallet. You can also send out your JAAG coins to exchange and trade for Bitcoin. If you encounter any difficulty using exchange, let me know via comment section. Jaag is also trading on tradesatoshi and some other major crypto exchanges.

That’s all. If there is any further information, I’ll keep you guys informed. Also feel free to contact me on Facebook for further assistance via

Future we see ahead…

JAAG and FORUS is working together to provide banking solution to the unbanked. Right now, they already connected thousands of merchants globally and still counting. Also, the FORUS smart card is something unique and has come to dominate the VISA and MASTERCARD in the global market. However, with the technology FORUS provides us, JAAG easily renders loan to SME, however, these loans is integrated in FORUS smart card in other to accomplish its specific purpose. For instance, JAAG provides loans to farmers to buy fertilizers, the FORUS smart card is contracted in a way that a specified amount is stated and also the use of the card works on only fertilizer purchase from merchants, so using the loan for its non-purpose won’t be possible. This is the technology that JAAG and FORUS are bringing to you.

There are lot greater stuffs about JAAG, so you can always log into their official site, go through their roadmap to get informed. Personally, I’ve involved myself to lot of cryptocurrency projects, but believe me, nothing as unique as the technology and offer JAAG bring to you. It’s the community coin and together we are stronger with JAAG coin.