For almost a year now, I’ve involved myself on the etherbanking project as an investor. However, there have been series uptrends and I’m beginning to love it. The fact that etherbanking is a stable fork from ethereum with lower supplies and better projects makes it to be the next cryptocurrency to watch out for coming 2019.

EBCFund Review;

  • Introduction to EBCfund
  • How it works & Getting started
  • Benefit of EBCfund to EBC Holders
  • Conclusion

Introduction to EBCfund

EBCfund is a community of mutual financial supporters with principles of free, association and compassion. In EBCFUND, it is not necessary to perform a contract or pledge your property. In EBCFUND, there are no lenders or debtors. Everything is very simple in which members voluntarily help others – and they will get the help from other members in the community.

In a lay man’s view, you can say EBCfund is a system of financial rotation, where all participants donate a certain amount (only and exclusively in eth) to the fund and the fund redistribute donations to people “in need”.

The cryptocurrency platform is based on the technology of Blockchain and Smartcontract of Ethereum which make it a reality. The decentralized community fund is understood as an “Encryption Fund”. This Fund is operated under smartcontracts and peer-to-peer services. With this system, most of the networks are online as all matters can be solved online. The Fund is formed on a computer interface, on a desktop or a telephone, with cryptocurrency as the main currency. This system is entirely operated based on Blockchain without any server.

How it works & getting started

Firstly, register an account to become a support. Simply register an account through via I’ll be your sponsor. Quickly setup an account and verify your KYC details. With the account, you can access all other etherbanking ecosystem including EBCfund. As you can see from the below image, my account is verified.

Once you’ve created an account with myebc. Simply visit and hit the sign in button and this would automatically log you in through myebc. After the process, you will get to a stage where you need to insert your ethereum wallet address, please insert the correct eth address carefully because you can’t change the address once saved. Hit the activate button once you’re done as seen in the image below.

Now, you’re into the main dashboard. Scroll down a bit, you’d see the deposit form. Copy the ethereum address and make a deposit (when making a deposit, since it is a payment to a smart contract, you need to raise the gas limit from 21000 to 210000 (twohundredtenthousand, just add a zero). Please, also endeavour to deposit from the ethereum address you registered on EBCfund or you will lose all your commissions.

After you must have deposited, it would reflect on your main dashboard. Minimum deposit is 0.5ETH and max is 3ETH. However, deposit is recorded on Blockchain as a contributed amount. No one can reverse this process and obtain this amount.   You are put under the waiting period – you get interest for every waiting day (you are announced in advanced) with interest rate from 0.1% to 1%.

You get paid an interest of 1% every waiting day, so you get maximum of 30% per month, after which you can withdraw the interest instantly to your ether wallet and the principal is automatically added to the next circle to re-contribute to the community. After you must have received 300% of your total fund contribution, it ends the circle. The system then gives you the grace of 15days to make a new deposit or be excluded from it.

Marketing section:

If you are a marketer or you have friends and family you want to share this opportunity with, you also earn from this as you do. Instantly, you earn 10% direct commission from their deposit. There is no obligation for the community members to invite new participants. Also, EBCfund have what they call “Trust commission”. Anyone can upgrade their trust level by guiding other people and building their own system to level up and receive bonuses from them.

You have 5 F1 finish first round, you upgrade to E1, and you get 1%

3F1 upgrades to E1, you are upgraded to E2 and get 2%

3 F1 upgrades to E2, you are upgraded to E3 and get 3%

3 F1 upgrades to E3, you are upgraded to E4 and get 4%

3 F1 upgrades to E4, you are upgraded to E5 and get 5%

3 F1 upgrades to E5, you are upgraded to E6 and get 6%

3 F1 upgrades to E6, you are upgraded to E7 and get 7%

3 F1 upgrades to E7, you are upgraded to E8 and get 8%

Formula to calculate trust commission = from 1% to 8% x total amount given out of from F1 to Fn (infinity) / all number of repeated rounds (endless).

This commission is calculated based on the principle of commission difference with the downline. Also take a good look at the image below to see the minimum and maximum deposit for each trust level along with maximum receive per 30days.

Benefit of EBCfund for EBC Holders

As known, EBCfund is an important component of Etherbanking’s ecosystem that was planned very long time ago. For the investors who are holding EBC, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain 5% of EBCFund’s dividend. However, EBC will be treated as an Aid Source to impulse the development of the Fund community.

This benefit would be shared on weekly basis to every EBC holders with at least 500 EBC on their EBC wallet. So I advise you to purchase EBC coins from ebcexchange, accumulate as much as possible now it’s still on low price and send to myebcwallet so you can get free ethereum on weekly basis.

Useful Guides:

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After you must have created an EBC wallet from myebcwallet, you can use same private key or json file to log into This is possible because, same wallet created on myebcwallet is also generated on myetherwallet. Therefore, you can use same private key to access both the EBC wallet (myebcwallet), where EBC coins are stored and also ether wallet (myetherwallet), where the weekly free ethereum coins is stored.


I’d advise you to be part of the EBCfund community as its 100% legit and the number one decentralized community with mutual financial supporters. In no time, this would grow huge and defiantly, the fiat banks would lose customers. I will continue to update this article if there are any changes made and I will share with you guys some payment proofs soonest