How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Oreo 8.0/8.1.1

The use of Xposed framework on android devices is one of the biggest trends on android developer forums as it’s one of the most demanded application for...

How To Hide Your Private Chats on Whatsapp on Android and iPhone

So you chatted with that special someone last night and your mother, siblings, girlfriend requested for your phone, the situation here can get messy, But here on...

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Game Controller (Gamepad) for Android

In recent times, android smartphones are integrated with touch screen keyboard. However, these keyboards aren’t good for gaming. This is more reason users get an alternative and...

How to Root Android Smartphone without Computer: The Best Rooting Apps

Rooting Android device is very essential. As there are benefits attached to it. I already published an article which details the 10 benefits of rooting your android...

How to Transfer Files Between Android and PC Without USB Cable

That moment you remember you do not have your USB cable on you and you are miles away and you need to collect an important file from...

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