Apple Rolls out Update for IOS 9.3 With Night Shift Mode

Apple recently released its latest update for the iOS 9.3. One of the plus of this update is a Night Shift Feature this feature varies the color temperature of the display in connection to the location as well as of your device.

It is not very different from the famous F.lux tool, being operational in such way by cutting down the amount of blue light which is emitted from the screen. There is that sense of agreement that when you are exposed to bright blue light in the evening, it becomes more difficult to drift into sleep. This way it is possible to schedule Night Shift to automatically come once when it is evening.

Also In addition to the Night Shift, Apple is also bringing in hefty improvements to the security of its Notes app as well as spicing up things with commendable multi-user support for iOS. It is now possible to password-protect your notes; and then with Touch ID, you can unlock it. With the functional presence of Multi-user support for the iOS, students can now with much increased convenience share devices.

We also learn Apple is also making cool tweaks on its News app with iOS 9.3. This time around, the “For You” section is more personal with more individualized features like suggestions, interests, as well as trending topics. We now also have updates on CarPlay and Apple Health in iOS 9.3 too.

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A more detailed look into the iOS 9.3 would reveal that Health now brings in Apple Watch integration, well accompanied with developments pertaining to tracking third-party apps. CarPlay is also the receiving end of a quantity of minor improvements like improved song suggestions for music etc. Other improvements on the new iOS 9.3 cut across new 3D Touch shortcuts for Weather, Stocks, Setting, Health compass as well as store.
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