See Huawei Nexus 6P Detailed Review And Specs

Huawei’ s been on a warpath in these past few months. Not only have they managed to strengthen their presence in the mainstream smartphone market , but they’ve  also been making some of the best devices to come out of a Chinese manufacturer for quite a while now. One of these devices is the Hauwei's Nexus 6p.


One of the main reasons for my love for this device is how unique and different it is compared to other devices on the market , giving it an identity of it’s own. The  Nexus 6P’s design is easily distinguishable from any other phone , and that's great for the Nexus line.

Are you looking for beauty plus elegance fitted a large crispy display? look no further The display on the Nexus 6P is a 5. 7 -inch QHD 2560 x 1440 AMOLED unit , and the quality of the panel is obvious from the very first look . Colours are incredibly vibrant, blacks are as black as they can be, text is incredibly crisp , pictures are beautiful and videos are a joy to watch . The large 5. 7-inch display is perfect for just about anything , and I’ve yet to find something that isn’t instantly enjoyable on this display.


DISPLAY : 5.7inch AMOLED display , 2560 X 1440 pixels @ 518 ppi

CPU: Snapdragon 810 CPU @ 2. 0 ghZ , Adreno 430 GPU

MEMORY: 3GB RAM, 64 GB internal storage

CAMERA : 12.3MP rear camera , 8MP FRONT camera

BATTERY: 3450 mAh battery

CONNECTIVITY : GPS , USB -C , Wi- Fi 802. 11 ac /a/b/g/n, Bluetooth

TDD -LTE: B 38 /B 39 /B 40/B 41 ( 2555 MHz ~ 2655 MHz)

FDD -LTE: B 1 /B 3/B 4/B 7

UMTS : 850 /900/1700 /1900 /2100 MHz ( B 8/B 5/B 4/B 2/B 1

GSM: 850 /900/1800 /1900

OS: Android 6. 0 MARSHMALLOW 144 . 9 x 72 . 1 x 6 . 4mm , 144g

Dual Tone LED flash, high-SPEED charging

OTHERS: G -Sensor, Gyroscope sensor , Ambient Light sensor, PROXIMITY sensor , Compass, ACCELERATION.
The Huawei Nexus 6 P is , in my opinion, the best Nexus to have ever been launched . No other Nexus device has come close to this level of perfection, Overall , The Nexus 6P is a fantastic device that not only serves as a resurgence for the Nexus program but also allows Huawei to get some much needed global recognition and some positive feedback from Western customers.
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