Factory Resetting Huawei Y200 is Easy, See How to.

If you are on Android smartphone factory resetting or hard reseting your phone may be something you won't escape especially if you are the careless type who use numerous passwords and patterns. Today on BossTechy we are going to see how to factory reset or hard reset Huawei Y200 but before that, what is factory reset?

When you factory reset or hard reset a phone just like the Huawei Y200 we are discussing, it simply means you have erased all data on the phone and restored the original settings that phone came with right from when you purchased it. For example, hard resetting or factory resetting your Huawei Y200 will reset your time, ring tone, remove passwords, remove all reminders and calendar note, etc.

As pertaining to our discussion, factory resetting your Huawei Y200 will Reset and disable forgotten screen lock password or pattern

-Might resolve hang-ups & freezing problems.

-Might resolve slow performance of your Ascend Y200 phone

-Might resolve unexpected Application crashes

Wipes personal data from phone before you sell your phone or after you buy one

-Regain default functionality of your Ascend Y200


1. POWER OFF your Ascend Y200 phone

2. Remove and replace battery.

3. Press and hold the VOLUME UP and the POWER button together for few seconds and release buttons.

4. Press the POWER button.

5. Press the VOLUME DOWN button to reach WIPE DATA/FACTORY RESET and confirm with the OK button.

6. Press VOLUME DOWN and confirm YES – DELETE ALL USERS DATA with the OK button.

7. Press the OK button to confirm Reboot system now.

8. Wait until your reset is completed.

9. Your Ascend Y200 phone has been completely reset to its original factory settings.

That's it guys, do let us know if you have questions.
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